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Arbitration and Litigation

"Unmatched results with 35+ years of international experience."

"Koluman Law has deep experience in different areas of high-stakes commercial litigation and arbitration, including, contractual disputes, international investments, technology, corporate governance, tax and finance."


  • Creative litigation strategies, Koluman Law has a remarkable track record for resolving high-stakes disputes across the commercial landscape.

  • Our litigation teams are diverse and combine expertise with sophisticated advocacy skills to deliver effective solutions to complex and cross-border disputes in diverse circumstances and industries.

  • We advise and represent privately-held and public corporations, both domestic and foreign, financial institutions, partnerships, committees, governmental associations and other individuals in a wide range of significant commercial litigation.

  • Working in close partnership with our Clients, we learn their businesses and understand their goals for the best results. Deep experience on both sides of the "v" make Koluman a feared and respected adversary.


  • Koluman Law’s globally renowned lawyers are skilled at handling an extraordinarily wide range of international commercial and investment arbitrations for multinational, foreign and domestic corporations and State-owned entities.

  • We represent our Clients before international arbitral tribunals constituted under all major arbitral rules and institutions. In the commercial arbitration, our team is known for successfully handling sensitive, complex and high-stakes disputes under many major arbitral rules. 

  • We also have a strong track record on behalf of investors before ICSID. 

  • We have a distinguished track record in achieving successful outcomes for our clients, including enforcing or setting aside arbitration awards and foreign judgments in leading jurisdictions.

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