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International Investments

"Providing specialized expertise on cross-border investments"

"Koluman Law's experienced lawyer teams develop and execute comprehensive strategies to ensure cross-border investment transactions are successful, completed in a timely manner, meet our Clients’ deal objectives with mitigated risks."

Investment Practice:

  • The global economy has grown rapidly and evolved remarkably over the past several decades. One of the most important elements of this growth has been foreign direct investments, which are increasing in importance day by day. Foreign direct investments have become one of the indispensable elements of the development of states.

  • At the same time, countries worldwide have been aggressively developing or regulating their FDI regimes in the past several years. A multi-national transaction can face problems and difficulties in a number of jurisdictions, raising a variety of timing and substantive challenges. Managing FDIs requires complex and increasingly critical aspect of cross-border deal planning.

  • Without a proper strategy at the start, FDI can exposed to legal challenges and increased costs. Advanced planning can also help avoid unexpected impacts on the target business's operations and restrictions on the investors' rights with respect to the target.

  • Koluman Law has an extensive and integrated global team of FDI practitioners who routinely navigate our Clients through evolving and increasingly challenging regulatory landscapes of international investments. Our team provides full support from a transaction's inception through its completion.

Investment Arbitration:

  • Koluman Law’s experienced lawyers are skilled at handling investment arbitrations for multinational, foreign and domestic corporations as well as State-owned entities.

  • We successfully represent our Clients before ICSID and other international arbitral tribunals constituted under all major arbitral rules and institutions. 

  • We have a distinguished track record in achieving successful outcomes for our Clients.

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