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Internationalize your business.

"Koluman Law provides the overview of the market norms, policies and protocols across different markets for your global planning."

"Koluman Law guides Clients through internationalization process of their business starting from market analysis to formation and secure the foundation for the future of your business.

Koluman Law provides legal framework in place in different jurisdictions, market mapping when businesses expand internationally."

Scope of Internationalization:

  • Internationalization is the process of a company branching out to foreign markets to capture a greater market share. Internationalizing a business is a significant undertaking, but when you approach it methodically and thoughtfully, it can transform your company and lead to incredible opportunities.

  • Internationalization require companies to adapt their business features to match the legal needs of the target market.

Internationalization Steps:

  • Choosing Expansion Country: Evaluating the market legally and financially is crucial before expanding abroad. With our presence in 5 countries we provide our Clients a deep market analysis including risks, opportunities, administrative and legal requirements.

  • Evaluation of M&A opportunities:  To successfully enter a new market, acquiring a local business to capture their core business expertise can be considered as an option. We evaluate such strategic alliance possibilities with an existing local company for our Clients.

  • Evaluating Market Position: Evaluating the competition and rivals' positioning helps successful entrance to the market. We provide detailed market research for our Clients for the best experience in the new market.

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